Spring Liver Cleanse Diet – Day 20: Roasted Red Beets and Leaves (recipe)

Spring Liver Cleanse Diet – Day 20: Roasted Red Beets (recipe)

Roasted Red Beets

After 19 days of being a vegan/vegetarian for our Spring Liver Cleanse Diet (just 2 more days to go), we’ve become quite the salad experts. One way to spruce up any salad is to add your own fresh roasted red beets. In the past, I’ve used store bought canned and store bought prepared red beets but they pale in comparison to the deep colors and earthy tastes of fresh roasted beets. There’s really no reason why you should ever buy canned or prepared red beets.

Roasted Red Beets

Fresh red beets can be found at your local farmers market and most grocery stores. They are sold with and without the leaves. To prepare, take a sharp knife and cut the red stalk leaves off the top. Rinse off the exterior of the beets and wrap in foil. Place on a cookie sheet and bake for one hour at 400F. Remove from the oven, allow to cool and then using a paper towel, rub and remove the outer skin of the beet. Cut and add to your salad, or eat with some salt. You can also throw them into a blender to use as a base for soup or a vegetable drink.

Roasted Red Beets

As for the beet leaves, you can cook them much like spinach. After soaking and washing, I like to stir fry them with a bit of minced garlic and yellow or red peppers. Enjoy!

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