Restaurant Week NY : Le Perigord vs. Orsay (Vieux vs. Nouveau French)

Restaurant Week NY : Le Perigord vs. Orsay (Vieux vs. Nouveu French)

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NY Restaurant Week: Le Perigord
405 E. 52nd St. (@ 1st Ave)
(212) 755-6244

NY Restaurant Week: Orsay
1057 Lexington (at 75th street)
(212) 517-6400

Having a great time with NY restaurant week? I am having a blast this week and was able to check out both Le Perigord, a more traditional French restaurant and Orsay, a typical French brasserie plus an underground vegan special dinner party at a chef’s house over the weekend (I’ll be blogging about that soon). Both French restaurants are on the east side and deliver great menus for restaurant week.

NY Restaurant Week: Le Perigord

Featured in the 2008 NY Michelin Guide, Le Perigord is a very traditional French restaurant with an atmosphere that reflects the cuisine. For example, there’s a dress code for men (jackets), you are attended by an entourage of tuxedo clad waiters, and restaurant week, le perigord, french restaurants new york, restaurant week ny according to the Michelin guide you sit in period chairs, and you dine on Limoges china and crystal stemware. Or as my parisienne coworker Taline puts it bluntly “stuffy French food for old people”. Either way you look at it, bring your jacket and expect to have a lot of fun and great food. Catering to diplomats from the nearby UN, Le Perigord serves classic dishes and that night my friends I tried several of their specials from the restaurant week menu including Boeuf Bourguignon, and Filet of salmon with saffron braised fennel and blood orange “beurre blanc”. The name Perigord refers to a former province of France – an area that is noted for its cuisine, more particularly its products related to ducks and geese, such as foie gras. For appetizers, we sampled the Foie gras chaud aux fruits de Saison (warm foie gras with seasonal fruits) and it was quite good. The vegetable tart with butter restaurant week, le perigord, french restaurants new york, restaurant week ny sauce was also a great starter dish. The wine selection is quite extensive and we tried a great bottle of Chateu De Sales, a Pomerol. If you’ve never been to Le Perigord, I’d recommend trying it first during restaurant week as the $35 fixe prix menu is excellent for the price. Outside of restaurant week, the prices here are on the higher end ranging from $50-$75. As a side note, don’t let the French speaking waiters intimidate you – according to my French coworker they speak French, but they aren’t from France! LOL

NY Restaurant Week: Orsay

Orsay is a fun French brasserie restaurant that features a beautiful zinc bar in the back and sidewalk cafe style seating (summers). It’s also a stark contrast from the traditional and formal atmosphere of Le Perigord (no jackets required at Orsay). But don’t let the relaxed atmosphere distract you from the menu as the food here is quite seriously French and at a less expensive price. For restaurant week, my friends and I enjoyed for appetizer the amazing Veal Sweetbread Gratine with chanterelle mushrooms and grain mustard sauce (definitely order this). For main dish the Monkfish Bourride En Croute was a favorite but actually I should say only one of my friends enjoyed that dish because she was lucky enough to get the last remaining Monkfish for the night! It was that good. Coq au vin was also a favorite amongst the group. Overall, Orsay is a cool fun place that has great food and is great for casual fun or even for business. It’s also only 2 blocks away from the Whitney.

Enjoy NY Restaurant Week!!!

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