Relish Diner Williamsburg NY – Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks, Outdoor Space

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Relish Diner Williamsburg NY – Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks, Outdoor Space

225 Wythe Ave
Williamsburg, NY
telephone: 718 963 4546

The weather was amazing here in NY over the weekend. I truly do “love ny in June” just like the good old Tony Bennett tune goes. Started off with picking strawberries and relish restaurant williamsburg brooklyn, diner car restaurant brooklyn, relish attending an outdoor wedding in the East Hamptons on Sat and on Sun met up with some friends in Williamsburg for a late late brunch. Honestly haven’t been out to Williamsburg since living there for a short time in 2005 and as I suspected it has changed a bit. I don’t think you can really blame the developers for the condo skyscrapers and increased gentrification, I believe the residents of the neighborhood in some ways also contribute to the change. Old local laundromats are quickly dismantled and turned into hip clean bar/restaurant serving organic microgreens and fine imported wine. Someone’s 2 bedroom apartment on Bedford and N 7th becomes a storefront for jewelry. The salvation army store is closed on Sundays but that doesn’t matter because all the sidewalks along Bedford are lined with tables upon tables of used books, clothes, furniture and other ‘cool’ stuff. The competition for the ‘hotest’ place to hang out is pretty intense and this just drives more and more change. The word is out and your average B&T crowd now wants a piece of it (at $1000/sq foot.)

Back to the food: On a recommendation of a friend that we literally ran into on the sidewalk, we checked out Relish in Williamsburg – it’s the same concept as Broadway Diner and is also made out of a vintage dining car. The adjacent lot to Relish lends to the great weather with its outdoor tables and grass lined garden. (According to their website, you can also book the backyard for your wedding as well..haha) The food is standard diner fare and breafast is served pretty late (hey people sleep-in in Williamsburg). I got the Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon AKA Eggs Norvegienne for $10 and a pint of Bloody Mary. Very nice.

relish restaurant williamsburg brooklyn, diner car restaurant brooklyn, relish As I was dining, I started to wonder what it’s going to be like when the mega enourmous condos open up on the waterfront a few blocks away. I looked around and noticed that the crowd at Relish is mostly Williamsburg locals – you know the type – dressed to look like a poor artists (when in reality many are fat rich with their trust funds). If this is truly the case I guess Williamsburg really won’t change that much. It will just be more expensive than it already has become. In the meantime, you can still enjoy $8 Bloody Marys in the backyard of Relish. See you there!

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  • There was a time in here when a diner was a great place to catch up with your old man after not seeing him for a long time. Somewhere you didnt have to worry about fitting into some new, flashy art scene, someplace you could just grab a late cup of coffee and share a couple jokes.

    I went into Relish with my father (from New York) last night and was given the hardest time you could imagine. The asian male bartender told me more to less to keep it down. He must not know my family. The waitress had absolutely zero wit to her, did not understand us. A strange reality when we were standing right in Brooklyn. Then told us they had stopped serving. We were selected out. A sad, sad truth. Our City has changed, taking the diner scene with it.

    • Sorry to hear that John. You can pretty much blame it on the hipsters – Relish isn’t much of a diner anymore. Maybe weekdays for brunch but definitely not at night and late afternoons (and especially the outdoor space when the weather is nice). Try Broadway Diner on Broadway a few blocks south.

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