Red Velvet Cake – Flatbush Av Brooklyn NY

flavors ice cream and bakery red velvet cake brooklyn ny

Red Velvet Cake – Flatbush Av Brooklyn NY

Flavors Ice Cream and Bakery
761 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY

To be honest, I’m a little Jerk-Chickened out this week. I tried about 3 other places but nothing worth writing about – I think Hammonds is the best so far. flavors ice cream and bakery red velvet cake brooklyn ny Right next store to Blessed Delight however is Flavors Ice Cream and Bakery. The large cakes in the store front window caught my eye – especially the large frosted Red Velvet Cake on display. Man, it has been so long since I have had any freshly baked Red Velvet Cake. Probably over a year since those awesome slices from Make My Cake up in Harlem. So the competition begins – Harlem Vs. Brooklyn. Before I get into the results however, you have to look at some outlining signs – especially the sign on the Flavors window that says “store for rent”. I should have seen this earlier. Also Make My Cake is a professional bakery – they don’t sell anything else, just cakes. Flavors is mostly Ice Cream and they have cakes on the side. Anyhow, Make My Cake destroyed Flavors. Although the Flavor’s Red Velvet Cake was moist, the frosting was dry and the cake lacked any true Red Velvet flavors (go figure for a place called Flavors??). It was more like a red colored cake with dry frosting. Not very good. So this reminds me that I still have to make it out to Fulton St and try out Cake Man Raven ASAP. Cake Man Raven is considered one of the best cake makers in the NY metro area. This will be the true competition of Harlem vs. Brooklyn. Stay tuned.

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  • Bleh, that cake just looks gross. That’s nice how the red food coloring bled into the frosting layers… When you taste and compare other red velvet cakes in BK, can you give Baked in Red Hook a try? I’m curious if the place bakes up goodies that taste as good as the place is cute (saw it on Food Network, of course). I totally regret not giving it a try before moving away…

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