Real Hong Kong Dim Sum – Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon Hong Kong

cha xiu bao dim sum

Real Hong Kong Dim Sum – Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon Hong Kong

We were traveling in Hong Kong last December and one of the first meals we had was Dim Sum in a crowded noisy banquet hall (the way it should be) deep in Tsim Sha Tsui – Kowloon Hong Kong. To truly experience Chinese Dim Sum think about the original traditions behind Dim Sum. Dim Sum started in cha xiu bao dim sum tea houses and after it was discovered that drinking tea can aid in digestion, little snacks were served with the tea. Dim sum ( means a little heart ) is a little snack that pairs nicely with tea. Nowadays, Dim Sum is also a social event where family, friends, neighbors, meet at the local banquet hall share a table or two and chat over tea and snacks. The little snacks have become more elaborate than just small appetizers. So if you want to experience the real deal, go where the locals gather. It’s got to be loud dim sum and crowded. In San Diego you have a few choices such as Emerald or Jasmine Seafood on Convoy. In San Francisco, I used to enjoy the Golden Phoenix on Jackson and in Chicago we like Happy Chef. Here in New York, there’s Golden Bridge on Bowery and Sweet and Tart. In Vancouver? Well, let’s just remember it’s not called Hong-Couver for nothing.


So while I was in Hong Kong, home to some of the best Dim Sum, I was delighted to sample a few plates of Dim Sum among some locals. We ordered a lot of the originals such as Cha Xiu Bao, Congee, and Rice and Chicken Feet (yes give it a try it’s good).

chicken feet and rice

The Cha xiu bao was amazingly fresh and they didn’t skimp on the pork, the congee was also equally good. But besides the food, I was just happy to sample in the whole experience – the cacophony of Cantonese chatter, the tinkling of plates and glass.

Here’s what we ordered that day (click for larger view):
dim sum

5 thoughts on “Real Hong Kong Dim Sum – Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon Hong Kong”

  • Hey, very fun reading this because I went to Hong Kong a few years ago and I think I might have even gone to this place. I had so much fun buying gold jewelry in Kowloon, but the food experience was fun too.

  • Agree with you that San Diego doesn’t have good dim sum. I usually go with my colleagues to Pearl or ChinaMax for dim sum. When I was a kid, they even share tables with strangers for dim sum in HongKong.

  • We are going to San Diego in December and plan on having dim sum on a Sunday. Although it is limited, can you suggest where to go? We live in Phoenix and would like the best you can suggest.

  • My favorite Dim Sum experience was in New York’s Chinatown. We went at 8 o’clock in the morning and the place was packed.My wife and I were the only caucasians in the place.A truly oustanding experience.

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