Rainbow Falafel – Union Square

rainbow falafel union square

Rainbow Falafel – Union Square

26 East 17th Street New York

Just moved over the weekend and don’t have any internet connection yet so long time – no post. Anyhow last Friday started taking some salsa classes again and decided to check out Rainbow Falafel down on Union Square. I was recommended by a co-worker and was told it’s one of the best falafel restaurants in NY. I nearly passed by it as it is an extremely tiny little falafel stand with a capacity of only a few people. It’s right next to Mandler’s and there’s usually a long line outside. But despite the small size of the restaurant, it still delivers large on the taste. I ordered a chicken schwarma and the woman whipped it up within minutes – still piping hot from the grill. I like the sauce and the tomatoes and the bread wasn’t stale like you get in a lot of cheap places. For only $4.85 you can’t beat this falafel stand in this neighborhood. Too bad there isn’t anywhere to sit down and eat it though but I guess you can always walk over to the square to eat your falafel.

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