Rabbit Hole Cafe Williamsburg – Brunch & Free Wifi – Brooklyn NY

Rabbit Hole Cafe Williamsburg – Brunch & Free Wifi – Brooklyn NY

rabbit hole cafe williamsburg brunch free wifi brooklyn ny

352 Bedford Ave @ South 4th
Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

No, it’s not another after hours club (although the ‘White Rabbit’ in Beijing is pretty awesome). Rabbit Hole, the latest cafe to open in Williamsburg, is a great addition to the neighborhood especially since it features freshly baked bread and pastries (they have a full bakery in their basement), a full brunch and lunch menu that includes fresh salads & paninis, and a full array of your standard cafe beverages including some awesomely strong speedy coffee. rabbit hole cafe williamsburg brunch free wifi brooklyn nyRabbit Hole Cafe’s free wifi, high ceilings, exposed brick walls, polished wide plank hardwood floors and the sunlit backroom and garden space were all things that I wanted to blog about a few months ago but honestly back then I didn’t have a great experience with their service and held back. That day, it took about 25 mins to get a toasted bagel during peak times. But now they’ve figured it out and it’s fixed. The kitchen is fully staffed and they now offer table service for the space in the rear from 10-3 on weekends. I repeat – the service, the food and the space at Rabbit Hole Cafe are all amazing. In fact, I am hesitating to post this at all because I really don’t want to leak out the secret and face fighting huge crowds as you would at Atlas or Blackbird. Besides the airy relaxing space, Rabbit Hole Cafe’s fresh food menu is definitely a bonus. For example, for $7 you can get the ‘flipper’ salad that includes tuna, fresh greens, tomatoes, slices of cucumbers and onions. For just a buck more you can get their home special that includes avocado and bacon. mmmmm I love bacon. Well I just started part time grad school, so I’ll probably be spending some serious hours there. See you down in the Rabbit Hole Cafe!

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