Prime Burger NY Midtown Manhattan (Revisited)


Prime Burger NY Midtown Manhattan (revisited)

The Prime Burger
5 E. 51st St., New York City
PH: 212-759-4729

Went back to Prime Burger with my coworkers yesterday. We were a party of eight but they managed to squeeze us into the “cool” seats. As you may remember I wrote up a post on Prime Burger November 2005 highlighting the swing out caffeteria seats so we just had to check them out. It was a blast as usual at this PICT3220 fine burger establishment. One of my coworkers is an avid burger fan and she’s tried burgers all throughout the city and gave Prime Burger a thumbs up. One of my other coworkers also order the french fried onion rings – not to be confused with normal onion rings. It’s basically more greasy, crunchy and very good tasting. I had never had anything like this before and was quite impressed. I thought maybe she ordered this “off” the menu, but it’s actually a regular menu item. I had the Prime Burger Deluxe with Cheese ($9.95) which comes with 2 quarter pound Prime cheeseburgers and a side of fries. It was as delicious as I remember from the last time I was here.

2 thoughts on “Prime Burger NY Midtown Manhattan (Revisited)”

  • This place is a generic, no frills, average diner that has been preserved over decades. The seats, the register, and everything else in the place looks like it hasn’t changed in at least 40 years. That’s probably what makes it so special among the countless otherwise expensive and trendy places in Manhatten. The burgers and the onion rings my wife and I ordered were mediocre. They weren’t fantastic, but they hit the spot. If you need a quick bite to eat in a place that seems clean with good service, then eat here. If you want a fantastic burger, look elsewhere. The only issue I had with the place was watching our server (a really nice old guy) shaking uncontrollably when bringing our food out. I thought I was going to be wearing our plate of onion rings.

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