Pinkberry NY – Frozen Yogurt / Shaved Ice

pinkberry, ny, frozen yogurt, shaved ice

Pinkberry NY – Frozen Yogurt / Shaved Ice

7 W. 32nd St.
New York, NY 10001
(K town)

Also other PinkBerry locations on Upper Eastside: on 81st and 1st or 2nd ave?

It’s going to be an interesting summer for sure as Pinkberry has upped the ante on dessert options in NY. Yeah there’s always Taste-D-Lite, Ben and Jerry’s, and other chains but Pink Berry is latest fad franchise that might pinkberry, ny, frozen yogurt, shaved ice just pull away as the winner. I’m putting money on this sleek new entrant into healthy desserts options. Before the taste, you have the environment – Pinkberry’s sleek, modern minimalist design (Philippe Stark Chairs) will definitely make it a comforting solace from the Hot and Humid NY Summer heat. The options are also pinkberry, ny, frozen yogurt, shaved ice extensive and intriguing – Banana, Blueberry, Green Tea, Cap N Crunch, and more! Pinkberry also has convenient take out smoothies and shaved ice for those on the run. Great concept, pretty good taste. Not cheap though: I got a Blueberry and Banana small original Pinkberry flavor – for $5.95. Enjoy!

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  • Pinkberry in New York. That’s good news. Have you tried frozen yogurt up in Canada. They have these stores called Yogen Fruz and it tastes like Pinkberry but even better. Gotta love that froyo.

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