pho bang vietnamese chinatown new york

pho bang vietnamese new york

Pho Bang Vietnamese

157 Mott Street
New York
212 966 3797

There is a pretty good selection of Vietnamese food in New York City. One of my favorites is Pho Bang which has restaurants all over Chinatown in New York as well as Queens. I used to go to the one out in Elmhurst all the time when I was living out there a few years ago.

Today we ordered some of the basic classic Vietnamese dishes:

Beef Pho Noodles:
beef pho vietnamese food new york

When it comes to pho, it’s really all about the broth. You need a flavorful broth that isn’t too salty, watery and gives a deep aroma that complements the noodles and the meats. Sometimes you’ll find broth that is just too watery and lacks any character.

The pork chops are also a great choice at Pho Bang:
honey glazed pork chops pho bang vietnamese food
These are glazed in honey and grilled over a hot flame to give it a smoky charred flavor to enhance the crispy coat of caramelized honey. You dip it in some spicy fish sauce to complete a full spectrum of flavor.

Lastly, we had some imperial rolls that were quite crispy and bursting with flavor in each bite. You wrap these in fresh crisp romaine lettuce.
imperial rolls vietnamese food pho bang new york

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