Phils BBQ Ribs Chicken Mission Hills San Diego

phils bbq mission hills san diego ribs chicken

Phil’s BBQ Restaurant

Just up the hill on Washington Street off of I5 in Mission Hills is Phil’s BBQ. It’s another legendary restaurant along with Vero Gelato Cafe and Saffron Thai.

Phil’s BBQ Restaurant

4030 Goldfinch St. (At Washington St)
San Diego, CA 92103

Phil’s BBQ is one of my favorite BBQ places in San Diego. You can smell the BBQ as you turn onto Goldfinch St and there’s usually a long line of dedicated patrons outside on the sidewalk. From the sidewalk window, the kitchen of Phils BBQ is a flurry of activity with the cooks manning the grill on one side and the staff taking orders on the other side:
phils bbq mission hills san diego chicken ribs

Phil’s BBQ uses mesquite coals to power their grill and this gives the meats a great smoky rich flavor:
phils bbq mission hills san diego ribs chicken

Don’t let the crowds on the sidewalk discourage you, because inside the restaurant are some roomy tables and booths. They also give you a pager and there are plenty of games and toys for the kids to play with while you’re waiting for your BBQ.

I ordered the Chicken and Ribs plate which comes with 4 Pork Ribs, 1/4 Chicken with a side of Macaroni and Cole Slaw.
phils bbq mission hills san diego ribs chicken

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The ribs were so tender and slid off the bones, and the charred meat had a great smoky flavor from the grill:
phils bbq mission hills san diego ribs chicken

You can also get sandwiches, and beef ribs as well. I liked the BBQ chicken, but I think the next time I go I’ll just get a full or half rack of ribs by themselves. Kind of funny that each table has a roll of paper towels and an industrial stainless steel hand washing station is available to clean yourself off:

phils bbq mission hills san diego ribs chicken

5 thoughts on “Phils BBQ Ribs Chicken Mission Hills San Diego”

  • can you share your bbq baby back rib recipe. my family loves it and I typically orders ribs from you at least once a month. I love to cook and I also have my own recipe but interested to get yours. Will you be kind and share it with me. thanks.

  • Sorry, I’m just a blogger who also loves the BBQ at Phil’s. Don’t have any recipies to give away. Let me know if you get your hands on the secret.

  • Phil’s is not just “one of my favorite BBQ joints in San Diego,” it is THE BBQ joint for miles and miles around. And Phil’s opening a new one on Sports Arena Blvd, so now there will be one close to my office and another close to my house in OB. I Love This Country!

  • Are you THE Phil’s BBQ formerly of Painesville, Ohio??
    If so, I used to buy your outstanding BBQ sauce from your back porch. My family really misses your sauce and have never found any to come close to it. Would it be possible to either have the recipe or (more realistically) have the sauce shipped to Ohio? Thanks

    Diann Phillips
    12900 Bass Lake Rd.
    Chardon, Ohio 44024

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