Petite Abeille Belgium Waffles New York

Le Petite Abeille has a few locations in New York including a cozy restaurant on 107 West 18th St, (at Sixth Avenue – kitty corner from Bed Bath and Beyond) I like going there for their brunch menu which includes their famous Belgium Waffles but their lunch menu isn’t too bad either and includes some very tasty sandwiches.

We went and ordered 2 breakfast specials:

Eggs Benedict with Black Forrest Ham w/ arugula salad and yam mashed potatoes
eggs benedict with black Forrest ham petite abeille belgium restaurant new york

and my favorite the Omlette Maison (salmon with scallions and sour cream):
omlette maison salmon petite abeille belgium

My favorite omlette is actually quite simple. It’s called the Liege waffle:
liege waffle petite abeille belgium restaurant new york
It’s served without any syrup, fruit, or toppings. It’s very light and the best way to describe the taste would be something like a very fresh old fashioned doughnut. Today though it wasn’t very fresh and was a little stale and chewy. The restaurant staff tells me they fly in the ingredients for the liege waffle all the way from Belgium. Don’t know if it is true or not but when it’s fresh it’s very good and would definitely be worth the flight over.

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  • Destiny

    You could not be more wrong, that waffle its the best. I have been to Belgium and had these personally. They are the best. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

  • Yeah those used to be the reason I went to Petite Abeille but these days the waffles aren’t so fresh anymore. ;-(

  • Yea I lived in Belgium and their waffles are the best I’ve ever had! There is also a brand of waffle that is packaged and wrapped in plastic, tastes like crap and is nothing like an authentic waffle from liege (kindof like those hostess donuts here in the usa). Maybe this restaraunt is importng those fake ones haha

  • I lived in Belgium too, and I”m dying to find a place in the city that has REAL Belgian waffles. (Not the liege kind…the square kind). Does this place have them?!

  • I returned from Belgium last week and was dying for the sugar waffles that are everywhere! I found this place and they were awful! Then I found Petalbelle on Sullivan Street and they are just like they are in Belgium. They will also be serving the Brussel type waffles on the weekends. Magnifique PetalBelle!

  • HI Michelle I completely agree – I am sorely disappointed with Petite Abeile’s Liege waffles – they don’t taste good anymore. I will definitely check out Petalbelle!

  • I was born and raise in Liege, and a good Liege waffle can be eaten warm or cold without losing it’s deliciousness!No greasy after-taste… I still make them at home and the most difficult was to find a belgian pearl sugar imported from Belgium, because the Swedish one didn’t work properly, and it seems that petite abeille does not use the right belgian pearl sugar because I don’t see the pearl sugar in the Liege waffle!
    Maybe I should give them the address of the online store

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