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Best Peking Beijing Roast Duck – Li Qun

Li Qun is located in the hu tongs just south of Tianamen Square. Part of the experience is walking down the dark alleys to get to this place. It’s now frequented by embassy officials and all the local expats love this place. Unfortunately this means its a little touristy but the duck there is so good it doesn’t really matter.

Li Qun Peking Duck Restaurant – Beijing China

No 11 Bei Xiang Feng, Zheng Yi Road
+86 (10) 6702 5781

The reason why the roast Peking Duck is so good at Li Qun is because they roast the ducks here in the traditional way with wood buring ovens. The chefs claim to use the same traditional methods from recipes for Peking Duck that have been used since the Qing dynasty. They also hang the ducks so all the fat and oil drips off. This makes it more healthly and also makes the skin a lot more crispy.

peking beijing roast duck

Then you have the culinary master chefs cut the duck for you at the table. This is a skill that takes precision to get just the right cut of meat and crispy skin. It’s served on flour tortilla pancakes with plum sauce and raw green onions. If you’re ever in Beijing, definitely check this place out!

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