Pedros Tacos Dumbo Brooklyn

pedros spanish american restaurant dumbo brooklyn tacos

Pedros Tacos Dumbo Brooklyn

On the corner of Front and York St.

One of the original dive restaurants and bars in DUMBO before the high rise condos started popping up all over the waterfront. About 6 years ago when I first moved to NY, Dumbo was a dark industrial wasteland and a great alternative place to party. About every weekend in the summer there were warehouse parties sometimes in abandoned buildings taking up 3 or 4 floors with various live bands, djs, chill out rooms, etc. I especially liked the outdoor parties right under the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges – not only did you have a fantastic view of the downtown manhattan skyline but the thundering shake of the R train and the constant humming of the cars zooming above you further amplified the bedlam streaming out of the gigantic speakers next to the dj booth. It was a sonic battle between the industrial noises of the city and the electronic beats and bass from the decks. After the rezoning of DUMBO to residential however, it’s quickly becoming more like the modern day SOHO of Brooklyn. Just like SOHO, it has the charm of the large loft spaces, cobblestone, and of course artist galleries and spaces. And you really can’t beat the views of the Manhattan skyline. Right now there aren’t any really large franchises besides the Starbucks and a large West Elm retail furniture store but I’m sure that’s coming soon.parkOnWater That’s why Pedro’s is still an enjoyable place to hang out. Check this out – I went in last weekend to order a plate of beans, yellow rice, and chicken and the guy behind the counter didn’t speak any English. I talked him down to $4 in my broken spanish but then the “jeffe” walked in and he said in English that it costs $7. We bargained a bit and he ended up charging me $5. Kind of reminds me of Beijing! Anyhow the food is the real deal plus they serve all kinds of beers at Pedros. They have an outdoor space where you can lounge and watch the construction crews put up floor upon floor of the Jay condominum. Shhhhh – Pedro’s is also my secret place to watch World Cup games cause the place is empty and they have it on the spanish channel so you don’t have to listen to those annoying English broadcasters.

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