Patsy’s Pizzeria New York City

This one is from Sing but I’ve been to this pizzeria and it rocks. Since it seems like there is a Ray’s pizzeria and a deli on every corner that serves pizza in Manhattan it’s hard to really decide on the best pizza. But Patsy’s is definitely one of my favorites ( I like 2 boots a lot too):

A little history and info about Patsy’s Italian Pizza (Click to enlarge the image):

They also do all of their cooking in a wood fired oven (Click to enlarge the image):

Check out the crust and the toppings (Click to enlarge the image). Can’t wait to be out in NYC again!

1 thought on “Patsy’s Pizzeria New York City”

  • Oh how I just love Patsy’s! I always get an extra cheese, extra sauce, sausage and pepperoni pizza whenever I’m in NYC. They are awesome!

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