Paris Sandwich Vietnamese Sandwiches Banh Mi New York Chinatown

Paris Sandwich Vietnamese Sandwiches New York Chinatown

paris sandwich vietnamese sandwiches new york chinatown

Paris Sandwich
113 Mott Street
Chinatown New York

I’ve passed this place so many times and never got a chance to go in partially because there’s so many great places to eat in the immediate vicinity. Across the street is Big Wong’s and Shang Hai Cafe. Anyways, that day I really just needed something really quick and something on the lighter side, so I entered Paris Sandwich. A little advice if you haven’t been there before – prepare for chaos. They engineered this place pretty awfully in my opinion. You order and pay right in the front so there’s a massive amount of people crowding the door. Make your decision quickly and order your food AND your drink (even though the fridge with the drinks is halfway down the restaurant). I got the regular vietnamese sandwich for less than $5 – they also have a few varieties including one with curry beef. A vietnamese sandwich or Banh Mi is typically made with pickled carrots & daikon, onions, cilantro, jalapeño peppers, sometimes noodles, and meat served on a toasted baguette. Popular bánh mì meat fillings include roasted or grilled pork, Vietnamese Ham, paté, mayonnaise, and chicken. Here they use bbq roasted pork. After you pay, you’re given a ticket and are asked to walk down to the rear where you pick up your food. At the back you’ll see the high tech convection baking ovens that heats the bread but also keeps the bread extra crispy (awesome!). The result is a pretty impressive Vietnamese sandwich. I would actually say it is on par with my standby which is a tiny place on Broome and Mott next to the Fire Station. Check it out and enjoy!!!!

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