Parilla Tango Beef Argentine Steak Restaurant Cusco Peru

parilla tango beef argentine restaurant cusco peru

Parilla Tango Beef Argentine Steak Restaurant

Calle Procuradores #390
Tel: 9715561
Cusco Peru

I found this really unique Argentine steak restaurant while wandering the city hills of Cusco Peru. It’s about a 5-10 min walk away from the touristy Plaza De Armas. Although I would say most of the clientele at this restaurant probably are foreigners, the food is amazing enough that you don’t feel like you’re traped in a typical tourist restaurant. parilla tango beef argentine restaurant cusco peru Maybe this is because you first have to have the stamina of walking up a steep hill to get here then you have to carefully descend a precariously steep flight of stairs down into the lair of this restaurant. Once you’re inside the den like atmosphere, you’re pretty much set. This restaurant’s got that hidden speakeasy quality that I love. I got a plate of the Argentine steak which came with a huge side of mashed potatoes and salad for $49 soles (approx $16). It’s a little pricey for Cusco but again the beef is excellent and the portions are enormous. Behind the bar is a beautiful brick oven with a cast iron grill where your steaks are grilled to your liking and slices of freshly baked bread are toasted to a golden brown. The wine selection includes local varieties as well as famous South American varieties such as Chille’s Concha Y Toro. This is an excellent hideaway restaurant that serves delicious meals in a relaxing environment. Enjoy!

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