Onigashima Sushi and Soba Japanese Restaurant Midtown NY

onigashima sushi

Onigashima Sushi and Soba Noodles
Japanese Restaurant Midtown New York

43-45 W.55th St.
Bet. 5th and 6th Ave

Perched on the 2nd floor overlooking w55th street, Onigashima is quiet and dimly lit Sushi and Soba Noodle restaurant with some great food minus the Midtown attitude nor the cheese-z-ness. At Onigashima they also fly in their own Soba buckwheat flour and hand make their own Soba Noodles like Soba-ya. onigashima sushi A little pricier than Sobaya but also very good. I guess that’s the Midtown real estate factor.

Next we tried some rolls and sashimi including a few pieces of Toro (who wouldn’t?) which was good for NY but it still falls a little short on freshness when compared to the Toro I had out in Seattle at Wasabi Bistro. onigashima sushi I couldn’t complain nevertheless – it was great all around. We also tried a tofu dish that they serve on a huge banana leaf. You basically scoop up the tofu and then mix it with soy sauce and top with thinly sliced scallions. It’s a simple, light dish that bursts with flavor – the mixture of textures in this dish is a delight in itself.

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  • Don’t forget to order Hamachi Kama as an appetizer. It’s broiled yellowtail fish neck. With ponzu sauce, it is the most delicious fish dish you will ever have in a Japanese restaurant.

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