Old Dutch Pancake House – Amsterdam

Old Dutch Pancake House – Amsterdam

old dutch pancake house amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam Flower Market

The Old Dutch Pancake House is in a touristy area so the prices are a bit inflated but they have a great selection of European style pancakes. If you haven’t tried Euro style, let me just tell you it’s a lot different than the normal stack of flapjacks you’d get at your regular NY diner. These pancakes are flat like crepes, yet are full in pancake flavor. You can order them with bacon or ham not just on the side, but also old dutch pancake house Amsterdam INSIDE the pancakes, which if you think about it makes a whole lot of sense! Overall I was impressed since I have to admit I am a bit obsessed with pancakes. I like my pancakes with crisp edges, light on the eggs, and just the right amount of fluff to soak in the syrup. I make mine from scratch at home all the time. An order comes with just one pancake at the Old Dutch Pancake House but its also enormous so you really don’t need a stack to satisfy, however if you prefer bite sized, you may also order a plate of mini pancakes that are each about the size of a half dollar coin. You can find pancake restaurants all over Amsterdam. This one is located right in the center across the street from the flower market. Like most cafes in Amsterdam, the Old Dutch Pancake House is a warm and cozy place to duck into during the cold winter months. Enjoy!

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