Nolita Ice Cream Factory

nolita ice cream factory

NOLITA Ice Cream Factory

85 Kenmare Street
Nolita NY

An ice cream oasis is what I found recently. It’s been particularly hot these past few weeks and very muggy – especially down in the Chinatown area where the putrid smells emanating from the miasma of trash and ponds of green/brown sewage water make the heat unbearable. For relief there’s the clean and bright NOLITA Ice Cream Factory right on Kenmare off of nolita ice cream factoryMulberry. Nolita ice cream opened about a month and half ago and these days the rage is all about Asian influenced ice cream flavors. Nolita carries exotic ice cream flavors such as Wasabi ice cream, lychee ice cream, red bean flavored ice cream, green tea, and taro flavored ice cream along with the normal spectrum of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. Nolita Ice Cream Factory is a break-a-way enterprise from Chinatown Ice Cream Factory (2 brothers split their business). But they are both supplied by the same ice cream factory warehouse out in Queens and fresh supplies are delivered daily. The staff was so friendly they indulged my girlfriend and I with almost all of the flavors and we were practically full before ordering a small cup. I liked the black sesame flavor a lot and the wasabi was surprisingly good as well. The blueberry cheesecake flavored ice cream was also quite impressive. All ice cream flavors use the freshest fruits and ingredients. Nolita Ice cream factory also has custom ice cream cakes that can be made with only 24 hours notice. There is also talk about a durian flavored ice cream – that would have to be for the brave at heart. I pity the poor sole that gets a durian flavored ice cream cake for his birthday. Oh Mylanta!

Ok I’ve gotten several comments about the rivalry between NOLITA Ice Cream Factory and Chinatown Ice Cream Factory so I’ll try to go check out the original place soon and do another write up. Thanks for all the comments!

4 thoughts on “Nolita Ice Cream Factory”

  • I have been a loyal customer to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory for many
    years and some might call me a groupee. My good friend Philip has owned
    the store for many years and it makes me disturbed that his younger brother would have the illegally has the audacity to rip him off. They are legally pursing the matter and they should sue NoLita for being such IMPOSTERS!
    The real Chinatown Ice Cream Factory manufactures its ice cream on premise, whereas these guys I don’t know what they are doing.
    It makes me sad to see good hard working people like Philip being ripped off. I guess that’s what comes with success.

  • Yo Richie…I read your comment. That shit is messed up. How is that guy’s younger borother going to go and rip off his business.
    I love the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory because I grew up and am still living in that neighoborhood. I wanted to check out this hype because I saw their signs up.


  • you guys should stop yapping about his younger brother ripping him off if you dont know anything. BOTH of the brothers own The Original Ice Cream Factory and there was no ripping off of anyone -_-.

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