Nicely’s Lee Vining 395 California

Nicely’s restaurant at Lee Vining (near Mono Lake, CA)
Pretty much the only diner in town. There was a BBQ place next door but it was completely closed.
If you’re at Nicely’s check out the Sierra Room Bar – it’s the place to hang out (i think).
Ronnie and Aaron found a way to hack the penny machine with a dime to flatten it out and print out yosemite designs.

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  • I ate several times at Nicely’s because it was next door to our hotel. The first few meals were ok, I had just had root canal surgery and could not eat much on their menu so the owner offered me buttered noodles which I ordered the following evening for dinner. I got a very small serving of spaghetti noodles (about a cup…) with some butter, a little cup of parmesan cheese, some sickly looking vegetables I had not ordered and a soda…All my friends ate burgers , fries etc. When the bills came I was dismayed to see that I was charged over $12.00 for what amounted to a glass of soda, a handful of spaghetti and a sprinkle of cheese…I was charged extra for the cheese BTW…The bill said I had ordered Pasta Marinara w/o marinara sauce!!! When I asked to speak to the owner, I was yold she was not there. The manager was very rude to me and lied saying I had ordered marinara and that was the price! He made up an entire conversation about what the owner and I had discussed the night before…and said ” Who do you think you are to come in here and order something not on the menu and make up your own price for it?!!!”I told him that the entire meal was not worth more then $4.00 …and to call the police if he wanted, because I refused to pay over $12 for basically no more then a side dish of noodles.
    He was extremely rude, and didn’t seem to understand the basics in customer service. He not only ruined my experience, but lost 4 other potential customers for 3 meals a day for the remaining time of our vacation. He obviously was not the brightest crayon in the box!
    The end result was I left $5.00 on the table and walked out. Whatever happened to “THe customer is always right?” I only hope that the owner someday reads this and finds ouut what a jerk she has representing her establishment!

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