New Wonton Garden Restaurant – Hai Nan Chicken, Dumplings, Wonton Soup

hai nan chicken new wonton garden

New Wonton Garden Chinese Restaurant
Dumplings, Wonton Soup, Hai Nan Chicken

56 Mott Street
212 966 4886

There’s a sign on the window of New Wonton Garden that says in Chinese Authentic Hai Nan Chicken which piqued our interest. On the other window were display boxes of Fortune Cookies for $1.50 a box. Hmmm, my instincts told me it’s a toursit trap but we were kind of hungry and wanted to compare their “authentic hai nan chicken” to that of NyoNya Malaysian Restaurant Either way, it was kind of comical to see the wait staff all wearing Hawaiian shirts (2nd clue for a tourist trap?).

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hai nan chickenWe ordered a bowl of the wonton noodles, a plate of hai nan chicken and some Chinese greens on the side. The wonton noodles were average – the broth being ok. Their Hai Nan Chicken, however didn’t prove to be as good as NyoNya’s. The chicken itself was prepared nicely however the meat was a little on the tough side and the flavor wasn’t as intense as that of NyoNya’s. The rice that the hai nan chicken was served over was also a little disappointing, however the bowl of broth that they served was quite tasty. I guess our instincts were right about the tourist spot – it looks like most people here were just ordering noodles and soup vs. traditional dishes like the hai nan chicken.

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