New Taco Mexican Food Cart Williamsburg Brooklyn NY – F*ck you hipster taco truck!

New Taco Mexican Food Cart Williamsburg Brooklyn NY
F*ck you hipster taco truck!

New Taco Mexican Food Cart Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Location: Corner of Metropolitan and Bedford
Everyday except Tuesday

How I love the gentrification wars of Williamsburg. In Feb 2008, I wrote about a new taco truck on Bedford and N 6th. Since then, they’ve become super successful and the line for the tacos further crowds the tight space on the Bedford street sidewalk. One thing to note, the N6th taco truck is run by hipsters. Now enter the locals of Spanish decent back to claim their turf with the new taco cart on Metropolitan.

Williamsburg brookly mexican taco truck

On the menu, the new taco cart features $2.50 tacos (beef, chicken, veg, chorrizo and more), $5 Burritos, $5 Quesadillas, and Mexican corn on the cob with cotija cheese. We sampled the Burrito and the Quesadilla. First the burrito. It’s a healthy low carb burrito – no beans nor rice, but instead sauteed bell peppers and mushrooms. It also comes in a choice of spinach tortilla or regular. Williamsburg brookly mexican taco truckPersonally, I think selling out to the health conscious marketing segment is a mistake. It’s ok to include the healthy variety as an additional option but why alienate the core audience who want the real deal (rice and beans!)? Now the Quesadilla on the other hand, they do it right. I would order one of these anyday over the disappointing burrito. It’s served on a thick corn tortilla and grilled to a crisp. Well, it is only a few weeks in so maybe things are to change. In the mantime, I guess I’ll continue to go to my favorite Mexican Food Cart while I await my SF Mission style greasy carnitas burrito with black beans rice and super hot sauce.

5 thoughts on “New Taco Mexican Food Cart Williamsburg Brooklyn NY – F*ck you hipster taco truck!”

  • Yeah, F U hipster taco truck. I tried the hipster truck carne asada tacos and I was OFFENDED. How dare they try to pass off that dry ass taste less beef as carne asada?

    The Mexican cart kicks ass! Carne asada tacos are delicious, and is the closest thing in NY that has tasted like SF mission style tacos. Moist meat, and lots of cilantro, and really good with the picked radish and some lime.

    Support the Mexicans!

  • Endless Summer, the truck I imagine you are saying fuck you to, has some pretty real deal tacos and rice and bean burritos. Did you ever try them? What does anyone’s ethnicity have to do with the way they prepare food?

    • I have to agree that the Endless Summer truck does have better burritos and no not trying to say ethnicity makes it better – just an interesting observation. I love going to the korean run fresh tortilla stands. The carne asada is awesome.

  • umz. endless summer’s rice is undercooked, and smells like popcorn.

    you forgot to mention that the new cart, makes its tortillas for quesadillas right infront of you.

    that is worth finding the cart on its own

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