Restaurant / Cafe at the Morgan Library Museum

Restaurant / Cafe at the Morgan Library Museum

Morgan Library Cafe
225 Madison Avenue (36th Street)
(212) 683-2130

In Yesterday’s New York Times, there’s a article featuring the newly restored restaurant inside of the Morgan Library Museum. I don’t normally dine at museums but sometimes the visual overload from walking and seeing artwork can really work up an appetite. The overstimulation has caused me to eat at the Louvre (food ok), Guggenheim(not great selection), MOMA (many times-fun to be in the sculpture garden), SFMOMA (I used to work there and get the meals for cheap), PS1 (the watermellon is great during the summer warm up series) and of course the MET(dont’ feel bad splurging if you put in a small or no donation at the door). Sometimes the cafe restaurant becomes more of a fixture of the museum than the permanent art collection. For example I distinctly remember the waft of tomato soup that hits you when you open the front doors of the Berkely Museum Of Art. Furthermore, something that may seem a bit strange but true is the cafe/restaurant at the world famous Monterrey Aquarium has seafood on the menu!

Anyhow, as I read on the author of this NY Times article goes on to describe the beautiful 19th century architecture and the streaming light that flows into the dining area from the surrounding 50ft walls of glass. Apparently there is a formal dining room that is open for lunch everyday and dinner only on Friday nights. Don’t expect a late diner as in most places in NY, the dining room at the Morgan Library is only open till 9PM! The menu has a nice selection of period dishes such as beef Wellington (the author doesn’t reccommend it), and lobster salad. This all sounds interesting enough and I’m going to add it to my list of places to visit in the near future. (By the way, you don’t have to pay the museum entrance fee to eat at the restaurant).

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