New Caporal Fried Chicken NY

New Caporal Fried Chicken

New Caporal Fried Chicken

3772 Broadway @ 156th
Take 1/9 Train to 157th

Everyone knows if you want good fried chicken you need to head uptown. We did and went way uptown, all the way to Hamilton Heights. Some locals suggested going to New Caporal’s Fried Chicken. He said you can smell the fried chicken blocks away and he wasn’t kidding. 1 full block east on 156th we could smell the fryers going full blast. Inside New Caporal’s Fried Chicken is your typical uptown minimalist decor: No chairs / tables, and a wall of plexiglass that separates you from the restaurant staff. A small makeshift rectangular opening is used to take in the money and put out the goods. We ordered the 5 piece chicken special for $5.25 and the 2 Piece Fish special for $2.95. They both come in boxes filled the brim with fries. You also get an assortment of ketchup, spicy sauce, salt, pepper and a fork and napkin wrapped with a rubber band. I love the artwork on the fried chicken box. The Latin owners of New Corporal Fried Chicken put a new twist on this famous Southern fare with their special mix of spices and seasonings. new corporal fried chicken The crispy skin of the fried chicken is reddish in color as compared to say Popeye’s or KFC. It’s crispier, thicker and the chicken is extremely juicy. This is definitely one of the best pieces of fried chicken I’ve had in NY. It’s no wonder there’s a wall of accolades from NY Times, NY Post.

New Caporal Fried Chicken 5 Piece Box:
new caporal fried chicken box

Inside the Box:
new caporal fried chicken

6 thoughts on “New Caporal Fried Chicken NY”

  • Yo… i love this damn chicken. will they ever deliver? they need to… i just hate walking all those blocks to get there. but hellz yea, its worth the walk!!!!

  • Best chicken ever. lol. And actually, it is located in washington heights. 2 blocks before Hamilton heights begins. I grew up right across the street and the smell makes you go crazy. They should open more chicken spots. They’d make a fortune.

  • I grew up with this chicken…..I drive from Queens with my friends to get it….My brother gets cravings and troops it up there by train to get it….

  • Woww, love this… and grew up on this chicken. My cousins lived right around the corner back inthe day. Def gonna get some when I’m back in NY.

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