New 2008 Zagat and Michelin New York Restaurant Guides

New 2008 Zagat and Michelin New York Restaurant Guides

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So the premiere NY Restaurant Guide books hit the store shelves last week! Hail the new Zagat and Michelin 2008 guide books. Pages upon pages of surprising ranking of famous and not so famous eateries based upon the select tastes of professional food critics (Michelin) or the mass democratic votes from the public (Zagat). Choose your method and your book. Me? I was out of town and just got back so haven’t had time to throw down $20 for either book. I’m excited nevertheless to see who makes it in and the results. Apparently the results of the 2 books do not entirely match up.

Here’s a few teaser results I’ve stolen for you from other sources:

From the NY Times: “… In Zagat, Sushi Yasuda was second only to Daniel, in food ratings. (The restaurants are listed in numerical order to the hundredth of a point, but the scores are rounded in the book.)

The top Japanese restaurant in Michelin is Masa, with two stars. Daniel was one of six Michelin two-star places. Sushi Yasuda received no stars.”

From my buddy Zach of Midtown Lunch BlogBurger Joint in the Le Parker Meridien got the best Midtown Lunch score of 24.

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Well, as I am writing this I am getting ready to go buy myself a book. Personally I prefer the Michelin guide over Zagat. This is just my opinion but those quotes in the Zagat book really annoy me. Who the F*$% is submitting those quotes anyhow? I’ve always suspected that the Zagat editors just make up half of the lines anyhow. Or can you imagine the poor intern who has to gather, sort and compile all the quotes? No way, it’s got to be fixed. That’s how I would have done it anyhow.

Ok off to the book store to snag a copy. I doubt if any of my favorite greasy hole – in – the – wall restaurants will be featured in either book anyhow.

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