Negril Jamaica – Jerk Chicken Stand

negril jamaica jerk chicken stand streetfood

Negirl Jamaica Jerk Chicken Stand

On the Roundabout in Negril Jamaica
(On the street)

Jerk Chicken is a national staple in Jamaica and you can get your hands on it as soon as you land at the airport and many of the fast food restaurants, Jerk Chicken is also served at pretty much all the restaurants including the posh hotels that line the 7 mile beach in Negril. But if you go out in the late evening, you can enjoy the some fresh smoked jerk chicken right on the street just as the locals do. We found this vendor selling his jerk chicken right off of the roundabout in Negril selling tasty meals right out of his portable food cart. He says he arrives around 8 pm and stays pretty late. The smoke and aroma serves as his neon sign and the crowds of kids and cars serve as confirmation that this guy knows what he’s doing. If you read the Plate Of the Day blog regularly, you’ll know how much I enjoy street food. It’s the best way to get the most authentic food (cause that’s what the locals are eating) and you can’t really complain about the prices either. Funny enough there was a sugar cane vendor who set up his shop next to the jerk chicken guy. We grabbed a pack of sugar canes as well and hopped on our scooter and went off to enjoy our meal.

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