My New Year’s Diet – Standard Process Liver Cleanse (again) – Day 1

My New Year’s Diet – Standard Process Liver Cleanse (again) – Day 1

New Years Cleanse Diet - Standard Process Liver Cleanse Diet

Happy New Year ! How are those resolutions going? For those of you who opted for the traditional New Year’s resolution of health/diet/weight loss, here’s a proven way to achieve those goals with the Standard Process Cleanse diet. As you may recall, I blogged about this last spring when my girlfriend and I first tried out the Standard Process cleanse and this week we are kicking off the year with the same cleanse diet.

Liver Cleanse Standard Process Diet

The Standard Process Cleanse is essentially a vegan diet + minimal carbs (cup of lentils or brown rice/day) + no alcohol + no caffeine. Yeah it can be frightening to think how you can live without meat and dairy let alone beer and coffee. Anyways, I’m not going to lie – the first week is a scathing bitch. I recommend quitting coffee a few weeks before starting this and eating less and less. I kind of ate more and more (see my last 2 blog posts) so I’m paying for it now. The cleanse lasts for 21 days and on day 11 you can begin to eat fish and chicken. Every day you supplement your meals with protein and fiber tablets. Unlike the master cleanse (lemon juice + syrup/molasses + paprika), you can eat as much vegetables and fruit as you like with the Standard Process Cleanse Diet. Also it’s probably better to do this in the Spring / Summer when you can get seasonal fresh fruit but don’t use that as an excuse because you can always get plenty of frozen fruits. (We did a Costco run on Monday and stocked up our freezer)

A typical day consists of:

Fresh Fruit Shake with protein supplements (Breakfast)
Salad and roasted vegetables (Lunch)
Fresh Fruit (Afternoon Snack)
Roasted Vegetables, Salad, Vegetable Soup (Dinner)
Fresh Fruit Shake (Dessert)

The benefits (realized within a week) include awesome sleep, alertness, and of course weight loss.

Anyways, here we go – I’ll be blogging regularly while on the diet! If you are interested in joining me, email me at !

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  • I am starting this today, but I just took the info off the SP website and am not visiting a Dr…just winging it. I noticed you ate roasted veggies and soup, but I thought veggies had to be raw or minimally cooked? Can you shed any light on this? Also, I assume the answer is “NO!”, but is salt allowed? Thanks and good luck!

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