Mitsuwa Japanese Marketplace NJ – Food Court Part I


Mitsuwa Japanese Marketplace NJ – Food Court Part I

595 River Road,
Edgewater, New Jersey
Tel (201)941-9113
SUN.-FRI. 9:30AM – 8:00PM
SAT. 9:30AM – 9:00PM

Ah the famous Mitsuwa Japanese Marketplace. If you haven’t been, think Costco or Sam’s Club of Japanese/Asian foods. It’s enourmous and has pretty much all you need for preparing some great Japanese "mitsuwa japanese" "japanese food" "new jersey" nj meals and drinks (they have a great selection of Japanese beer and alcohol at Mitsuwa). If you remember way back in Feb 06, I wrote about a visit to Mitsuwa Chicago. The Mitsuwa in New Jersey is not much different and this time, I’d like to showcase some of the great restaurants in the food court. Firstly is the China Table Tokyo Hanten – which features Japanese versions of Chinese rice plates. I was really attracted by the wall of fake plastic mock up dishes proudly shown outside of the restaurant booth. Every restaurant in the food court at Mitsuwa has the fake plastic food plates, but this is probably the best display I’ve seen so far. I ordered the tofu steak with shredded pork and peppers. Surprisingly, it did turn out to look a lot like the fake display and the taste was also very good. To get to Mitsuwa is easy. It’s a few minutes drive over the GW bridge. Public transportation to Mitsuwa is available from the Washington Heights bus terminal as well as Port Authority in Times Square NY.

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