Mitsuwa Japanese Marketplace Food Court Shopping Groceries

Mitsuwa Japanese Marketplace Food Court Shopping Groceries

Mitsuwa Japanese Marketplace Food Court Shopping Groceries

Mitsuwa Marketplace LocationsMitsuwa is kind of like the costco of Japanese food and groceries.  Or put it another way if you’re from California, it’s the 99 Ranch of Japanese food.  In otherwords it’s huge and the selection is unrivaled.  You can basically load up on all the essentials you’ll need to make some great Japanese food such as vegetables, meat, sauces, all the rice cooker and other electronic gadgets the Japanese are famous for, and beverages / alcohol.   I checked and they have a awesome selection of Suntory Boss coffee.  Last weekend I was out in Chicago (actually Elgin, IL but that’s another story) and Mitsuwa was about the only authentic ethnic asian food for about a 40 mile radius (there’s also Korea town on exit 84 of I90 but wasn’t able to check it out). Anyhow Mitsuwa is a mega shopping marketplace for all types of Japanese food and drink items.  Their frozen section isn’t too bad too. 

The Mitsuwa Japanese Food Court
Mitsuwa food court But if you’re like me and like the prepared stuff, you’re in for a wild ride at the Mitsuwa food court..  I was salivating like a hungry dog in front of the enormous display of sushi bento boxes at the food court.  I kid you not – just take a look at the photo above.  There are all kinds of sashimi, rolls, and bento box combinations.  Around the corner there are curry, noodle, and katsu plates.  In the other stalls I saw fresh soba stands, curry rice stands, and rice bowl stand.  Some of the displays have the colorful fake plastic food (some one needs to do an art installation of these if it hasn’t been done already ha ha ) which I love. 

At the end of the day we ended up stocking up on $40 of prepared food and about $20 in groceries.  Here in New York the closest Mitsuwa Japanese marketplace is in Jersey.  There’s a bus from Port Authority that takes you there for just $2 each way – don’t know why it isn’t free like the Ikea bus.  

Here’s a link to all the Mitsuwa Japanese Marketplace locations : Mitsuwa Marketplace Locations – looks like there’s one in San Diego that I’ve never been to.  Wonder if it is better than the Zion Korean market or 99 Ranch.

Check out my full spread of photos from Mitsuwa Japanese marketplace on flickr.

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