Midtown NY Korean Bulgogi Cart – Revisited

Midtown NY Korean Bulgogi Cart – Revisited

Korean Bulgogi Cart NY Midtown

49th @ 6th Avenue
Midtown New York

Last week I decided to give the Korean Bulgogi Cart in Midtown NY a second chance. My coworker, who lived in Korea for some time, has been going there consistently for the past month and promised me they’ve made improvements. My biggest complaint was that the sandwiches, although only $2 each, were too small and not all that great. It was a gimmick. The rice dishes were also pretty tiny and they only supplied a miniscule amount of kim chee. We went back and sure enough the menu had changed. The prices all across the board were a bit more now. The rice dishes, once $5, are now $6 but they come in larger containers. You can also have the option to supersize your meat for a small price ($2, I think). Korean Bulgogi Cart NY Midtown I got a plate of the Kalbi Ribs over rice. It came with rice, some jap chae noodles, and fresh fruit. It was indeed more in quantity and worth the $1 price increase. As for the Kim Chee? Same old tiny containers. If I remember correctly, you could go there and get the meat upgrade and the total price would be less than Duke’s. It wouldn’t be completely fresh but you at least get a bonus on the jap chae noodles and the fruit. Either way you look at it the cart has evolved which means I’m going to add this back on my list. See you there!

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