Mandlers Sausage Hot Dog Restaurant New York

mandlers sausage new york Mandler’s Original Sausage
26 E. 17th St.
New York
NY 10003

In New York, hot dogs are pretty much iconic foods along with bagels, fried chicken, and pizza. But it wasn’t until Mandler’s opened down by Union Square that the classic New York hot dog was elevated into a gourmet item. (think soup nazi to soup). Mandler’s specializes in great home made sausages served gourmet style with a dozen types of toppings, a half dozen types of sauces and mustards, and 4 different types of hot dog buns. Today Sing and I tried it on a multi grain bun with mushrooms and onion toppings and a potato cake with applesauce and fries on the side. mandlers hot dog union square new york
The price? $11.55. Ha ha. Welcome to New York. It was very good though. The multi grain bread on the bun gave a nice crunch and the roasted caramelized onions and mushrooms gave it a sweet flavor to offset the semi spicy mayonnaise sauce.

mandlers hot dog union square new york

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