Maison Premiere Oyster Bar Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Maison Premiere Oyster Bar Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Maison Premiere Oyster Bar Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Maison Premiere Oyster Bar Williamsburg
298 Bedford Ave (between Grand St & 1st St)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Williamsburg – South Side
(347) 335-0446

My go-to bodega in Williamsburg for cheap Ben and Jerry’s pints ($4 each) recently became victim to gentrification. But in reality I’m not pissed, because the Maison Premiere Oyster Bar is pretty awesome. Not only can you enjoy fresh oysters Maison Premiere Oyster Bar Williamsburg Brooklyn NY on the half shell but you can also wash them down with amazing mixology cocktails, absinthe, wines and craft beer. The designers of Maison Premier Oyster Bar also completely transformed the shit hole bodega into an incredible space with an old New Orleans Prohibition era décor. A hostess greets you at the door and leads you a few steps to the roomy oyster shaped bar that surrounds a large copper plated absinthe water tap (where they drip water over sugar cubes) before a wall of candlelit bottles. Several sharply dressed bartenders are stationed within the enclosed oval space and take their time crafting old” tyme” cocktail classics.

Maison Premiere Oyster Bar Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Be sure to try my favorite, the Maison Pimm’s Cup (Pimm’s No. 1, Cucumber juice, simple syrup, fresh mint and lemon juice) You’ll not only look cool drinking what the mobsters drink in Boardwalk Empire, but with the mint and cucumber, the Pimm’s Cup is also a great way to feel cool during the summer heat.

Maison Premiere Oyster Bar Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

I am a little disappointed that they have a decorative bottle of Suze at the top shelf and won’t allow patrons to drink it. I pretty much ask every time I go if I can have a sip – I mean who’s going to notice if it’s full or empty? I love Suze and it’s really hard to find in the US


On the other side of the bar is the oyster station where you can select your oysters and have the staff shuck them fresh for you while you wait. Further back are a few tables and outside is the garden area staffed with a third bar station allowing you and your guests to relax in the shade under a canopy of trees, ferns and vines.

Maison Premiere Oyster Bar Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

A few months ago I was up in Boston with my cousins and we had a few really great cocktails at the bar Drink over in Ft Point. There they don’t have a cocktail menu and will create specialty drinks from scratch ingredients. You can get this experience at perhaps Apoteke in Chinatown NY but I kind of like Maison Premiere because it isn’t as much of a scene (at least not yet). Of course, if I can also get my ice cream fix at Maison Premiere, that would be even better!

2 thoughts on “Maison Premiere Oyster Bar Williamsburg Brooklyn NY”

  • I just ran across your blog. Nice work.

    I checked out Maison Premiere for the first time last weekend and I was quite enamored as well. I really hope it does not become over run with wankers.

    As for Suze-sipping, I visited a newish Midtown watering hole last night called Lantern’s Keep and they had a bottle of Suze on the bar. Not only did they give me a taste of it, but they also mixed it up in a killer Martini variation that also included gin, Cocchi Americano, and maraschino. Tastiness ensued. Or should I say en-Suze-ed?


  • Dude that’s awesome. Thanks! I will definitely go visit tham.

    Yeah there used to be a liquor store on Lex and I want to say 63rd that stocked Suze, but they don’t anymore.

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