Lucky’s Famous Burgers – Hell’s Kitchen New York NY

Lucky’s Famous Burgers – Hell’s Kitchen New York NY

Lucky's Famous Burgers hells kitchen new york

370 W 52nd St
New York, NY
(212) 247-6717

Yep – sorry for the the sad photo. It was one of those late nights at the office and I was starving. Maybe I should have gone to 5 Guys but heard some good things about Lucky’s Burgers. As you can see it’s a double with cheese and side of fries for about $10 and change. The burgers were good, the fries were good, the mayo is awesome but I guess I have to comment on the laughable service. I go in, and just before I finish telling him my order he asks me what my name is and then shakes my hand and introduces himself and announces that this is his first day on the job. Ok, no problem I don’t care. Maybe he needs my name for the receipt or something as Lucky's Famous Burgers hells kitchen new yorkin most busy restaurants but seriously there wasn’t anyone else there. Then as I am paying with my credit card, he asks me for a tip right there on the spot as he’s reaching over the counter and planting his finger on the receipt on the tip line. Dude, WTF? That’s definitely a first for me. Imagine that – hard selling at the burger counter. Ok, I don’t really understand this tip jar concept sometimes. It’s understandable at the bar, at Starbucks, coat check, or valet where someone actually does something, but dude all you’ve done is type a few strokes into the cash register! Needless to say I put a few coins into the tip jar for good effort. Anyways… the food is good. Try it and bring a roll of pennies just in case.

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