Lombardi’s Pizza NY – Nolita

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Lombardi’s Pizza – NY Nolita

32 Spring St (Between Mulberry Street and Mott Street)
New York, NY
Tel: (212) 941-7994

Lombardi’s Pizza has been voted among the best Pizza places in NY. It’s also the oldest Pizzeria in America according to a bronze plaque proudly placed on the brick exterior. Can you believe that? Apparently people do – lots of them. Every day, there’s a small crowd on the corner of Spring and Mulberry waiting to get a table at Lombardi’s (they don’t take reservations).

lombardi's pizza, lombardis pizza, ny pizza, nolita pizza new york I had to check this out myself. Usually I don’t like to try these much hyped places that doubly serve as tourist bus drop off points but here is one NY institution I just had to try out after all these years. We got there around 6:30PM and only had to wait about 25 mins for a table of 5. Lombardi’s is enormous – don’t let the tight space on the first floor parlor fool you. We ordered 2 pies. One large with sausage and pepperoni and a small with pancetta. The verdict? Well, I can’t say it’s THE best pizza I’ve had, but it is very good. The crust is baked just right, charred, and thin like I like it. The toppings were amazing without too much cheese. The sauce however was a little runny and if you didn’t eat up a slice immediately, the crust would get a little soggy. Overall however, I would definitely recommend the wait – and if you can’t they also deliver in the immediate neighborhood.

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