Leon’s Burger Hut – Williamsburg Brooklyn

Leon’s Burger Hut – Williamsburg Brooklyn

Corner of Bedford & Grand
Open ?? days / week???

Here’s a mysterious burger place in Williamsburg. Not because of the food – the burgers are great. The mystery is the actual operating hours. It seems to be open whenever the owner wants to open and it closes just as quickly. They also have a huge extensive breakfast and lunch menu. The burgers are good – standard juicy burgers served with a ton of fries for like $4.75. Not freshly made like you’d find at In N Out or Five Guys, but good honest NY diner quality burgers.

I actually went to Peter Luger’s a few nights before so I passed up Leon’s Burger for the pork chop lunch special which includes 2 pork chops over rice & beans and a salad. I forgot to tell the woman I wanted this to stay so she packed it all into one container and literally served the pork chops over everything. It was good nonetheless. If anyone has a better idea about the operating hours, please let me know. Enjoy!

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  • I’ve actually stumbled upon this post while looking up the hours for Leon’s! I also realized that it’s hit or miss when attempting to go to Leon’s. I’m going to head there in a moment to see if they’re open Saturdays.

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