Lenny’s Bagels vs. Gourmet Garage – NY Transit Strike Today

Lenny's Bagels NY

Lenny’s Bagels vs. Gourmet Garage Bagels

Lenny’s Bagels
2601 Broadway (98th St.)
New York

Gourmet Garage
2567 Broadway @ 96th St.
212 663 0656

NY Transit Subway Strike Today
Today there was a NY Transit strike so I took a short walk for some breakfast this morning. Due to the NY Subway strike there were swarms of people walking, and commuter cars and gypsy cabs jammed up Broadway, Central Park West, Manhattan ave. What a crazy scene.

Bagels on the Upper West Side
Anyhow back to breakfast. The upper west side is known for its Bagels – H & H Bagels, Zabars, Absolute Bagels, Broadway Bagels, Lenny’s Bagels, etc.. Within walking distance was Gourmet Garage and Lenny’s Bagels. I grabbed a poppy seed bagel, a sesame bagel and an everything bagel.

The Gourmet Garage Bagel was made today (don’t know when exactly) but it was brought in and they were quite fresh. Lenny’s Bagels were basically made just 15-20 mins ago. Was kind of annoyed by the Asian lady / owner of Lenny’s bagels who wouldn’t let me take photos of the bagels within the store, but that’s gourmet garage and Lenny's bagelsanother story. Anyhow I toasted a pair of Poppy seed bagels and did them up new style – butter and honey. Try it, I prefer it over cream cheese these days. In the end, I couldn’t really taste the difference between Gourmet Garage and Lenny’s – Gourmet Garage was less fluffy than Lenny’s – less bread like with a chewier bite. Gourmet Garage’s bagel also had a tougher skin and I kind of prefer this over the more bread like bagels from Lenny’s. If there’s a strike tomorrow – I guess I can get Absolute Bagels and Broadway Bagels in on the game too.

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  • Aw, the lady who owns Lenny’s always has a big smile and she always provides exceptional service. Love the fresh bagels, unique concoctions like My 2 Sons, Bad Boy, etc. Great spot to people-watch with the big windows and seating.

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