Las Vegas Restaurants – Late Night/Early Morning Food Specials – Palms Casino, Flamingo, Planet Hollywood

Las Vegas Restaurants – Late Night/Early Morning Food Specials – Palms Casino, Flamingo, Planet Hollywood

chicken and waffle - planet dailies - planet hollywood las vegas

Planet Hollywood Casino Hotel
3667 Las Vegas Blvd South Las Vegas
Las Vegas

A few weeks ago I was out in Las Vegas for a work convention. Didn’t have the opportunity to try out any of the celebrity chef restaurants this time around. But I wanted to take a moment and point out some very peculiar discoveries about early morning food options in Vegas. I live in NY and at most diners you can get breakfast 24/7. In Vegas, it’s a little different and I don’t really know why.

23/7 McDonalds at Palms Casino
Yep, it’s open for 23 hours a day and closes from 5-6AM for who knows what reason. Me and my friends were completely devasted when we arrived at the 24th hour and got denied by McDonalds after winning a bundle at the craps table. I think it’s wrong McDonalds. WTF?? This is VEGAS no?

Chicken & Waffle at Planet Hollywood Casino
So after getting denied at McDonalds at 5AM, we went over to Planet Dailies Cafe at the Planet Hollywood Casino for some breakfast. We were told however that the breakfast menu wouldn’t be available until 6AM. WTF?? After making a big fuss over it, the waiter gave in and gave us a second smaller menu that thankfully included the Chicken and Waffle dish. I got a plate of this and it was pretty good although it took 30 mins to arrive (which by then the normal breakfast options were available) and the chicken was a little on the dry side. At 6AM however, it did the job. Oh and it’s called Chicken and Waffle because they only give you one waffle unlike the normal 2 or 3 you’d get uptown in Harlem NY. Funny isn’t it?

24/7 $8.99 Steak and Eggs Hilton Main Diner at Hilton Flamingo Casino
This is more like Vegas – steak and egss at any hour. It’s more of a locals secret that I learned a few years ago and I don’t think it’s even advertised on the menu. Just to warn you however, you get what you pay for. I asked for medium rare and they gave me more like medium-well done. It was ultra charred and the carbon flakes are not such a great combo with your egg yolks. Anyhow maybe that was just a one off situation for me. Check it out. At least you’ll look cool ordering off the menu.

Good luck and as my friend Martin says, always bet on black.

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