Las Vegas Spanish Restaurant – PS1 Summer DJ Warm up Series

las vegas restaurant long island city

Las Vegas Spanish Restaurant

Long Island city
21st St-van alst & 45 rd
718 482 9478

We went down to check out the PS1 summer warm DJ Series and the local New York artists exhibit yesterday. To avoid the long lines we arrived early around 2pm and decided to have a quick bite to eat. Near PS1 there aren’t too many options besides Court Sq Diner which is on Jackson but we walked up 21st St and las vegas Spanish restaurant insidefound this nice neighborhood gem : Las Vegas Restaurant. I’ve been known to kill many hours gambling so what a great name for a restaurant and Spanish food ? Why not? (FYI In the photo you can see a pretty good view of the midtown Manhattan skyline – Long Island City is way underrated). The interiors of Las Vegas Restaurant feature pink Formica counter tops, a well stocked juke box of classic Latin and 80s tunes and an arsenal of great tasting home cooked Latin foods. As we strolled in, 4 locals were seated off near the jukebox listening to tunes, drinking Heinekens, and watching a soap opera on a Telemundo station. The large marque menu mounted on the wall behind the counter doesn’t show any prices anymore but you can quickly see what Las Vegasyellow rice chicken carnitas Restaurant offers by peering into the steam trays behind the counter. We chose a plate of Yellow Rice with stewed chicken – Pollo Arroz and a plate of Yellow Rice with Carnitas and beans. For only $5 per plate it’s a great buy and the taste of home cooked Spanish food is incredible. The stewed chicken slid off the bone and the carnitas had a great grilled flavor that melted in your mouth. After wards we went back to PS1 and checked out the exhibit that featured some really cool art work from local artists. Unfortunately I didn’t take down the names of the artists but some of the highlights include a train ride on a motorized one person train car where you look out a “window” and experience a tour view made from playful shadow screens – green mountains terrains, telephone poles, a runner, an airplane that gracefullyps1 gusgus djs pirouettes in midair, etc. By 5 pm the courtyard of the museum was packed as the djs took command. I mistakenly thought it was going to be Juan Atkins this weekend but instead it was two Djs from GusGus : Buckmaster De La Cruz and Earth. The set started off kind of too new-agey / world music for me but then as time passed the tracks filtered down to some classics and more of a electro soul minimized beats with some additional funk grooves. Josh Wink and Stacy Pullen are next week’s djs – I’m sure it will be very packed for sure. It’s great to be back in NYC. Too bad I missed Ritchie Hawtin a few years back at PS1 – I heard it was a great set. By the way the PS1 cafe has some great slices of watermelon to help cool you off for only $2. The fruit sorbets looked pretty good as well.

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  • Thanks for sharing, I’ve been looking for good places to eat around PS1.. if you have any other recommendations, please share! =) happy eating!

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