Lannam Vietnamese Restaurant – Large Plates

lannam vietnamese restaurant new york

Lannam Vietnamese Restaurant

2 Locations:
121 University Pl (@14th)

393 3rd Ave (@28th)

Went to Lannam on Friday. It’s a Vietnamese restaurant however the pho is only so-so. Most people come for the gigantic super sized plates such as the pad Thai shrimp that we ordered. It’s almost enough for 2 people but I ordered a plate of pork chow fun with black bean sauce. The pad Thai was OK – not too sweet but the noodles were a little soggy and it wasn’t even served with lime or too many bean sprouts as you normally see in Thai restaurants. The black bean sauce pork chow fun was very well prepared with a plethora of fresh green vegetables and mushrooms. The sauce was thickpork chow fun with black bean sauce but not too salty and I loved the heft of this dish as you slather the sauce over the thick chow fun noodles. This would have been pretty good over the other various noodles they offer : rice vermicelli, rice noodle, siagon noodles, cellophanes, and egg noodles. The service was good but there was one derelict waiter that kept coming over to our table for no reason which was a little unnerving. Needless to say you will definitely be satisfied with the large portions they serve here. Enjoy.

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