Land Thai Restaurant New York – Upper West Side

land thai food restaurant upper west side

Land Thai Restaurant New York – Upper West Side

450 Amsterdam Avenue (82nd Street)
New York (Upper West Side)
(212) 501-8121.

Checked out Land Thai restaurant yesterday over on the Upper West Side for lunch. It’s another sleek modern one-word named Thai establishment like SEA Thai restaurant in Williamsburg, or Song Thai in Park Slope. It’s actually ironic that the name of this restaurant is Land land thai food restaurant upper west side since the entire restarant is just a tiny sliced space that has room for about 8-10 tables. With what real estate they had in this space, I like what they did – framing the exposed brick with a series of wooden pillars that support half beams from which a set of modern wooden chandeliers suspend over the tables. A large red and gold floral like tapestry hangs in the backdrop that serves as a great focal point that helps stretch out the narrow space into the recesses of the restaurant. Finally, it wouldn’t be a complete modern NY Thai restaurant, if you didn’t have the requisite minimalist electronic beats and blips looping on the sound system. So how was the food? land thai food restaurant upper west side Well, we took advantage of the Fixed Price lunch menu where you can enjoy an appetizer and a main dish for only $8. Sing tried out the Papaya Salad for start and the Green Curry Chicken for main – I had a Chicken Galangal Soup and Chicken Pad Thai for main. The Papaya salad had a spicy kick and so did the green curry. I wasn’t so much impressed by the Pad Thai – it was land thai food restaurant upper west side a little on the light side and I had to add a few spoonfuls of hot sauce. But overall you can’t beat great Thai food like this for this price. By the way, check out the bathroom when you go – ( I realy should start another blog on over the top bathrooms ). They have a large plastic clear cylinder installed horizontally over a bed of rocks. When you turn on the water, it flows through the tube, through some holes from which you can wash your hands, then down into the rocks. Check it – it’s good.

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