Yang Rou Chuan Lamb Beef Chicken BBQ Skewers

bbq beef chicken lamb pork skewer

Yang Rou Chuan

Lamb Beef Chicken BBQ Skewer Street Food

Chinatown NYC
(Corner Canal and Centre Street)

I basically lived off of these when I was in Beijing. They’re called yang rou chaun or with the Beijing accent ‘ yang rou chaur ‘. They’re essentially skewers of marinated lamb grilled over smoldering hot coals. The meats are seasoned with Chinese 5 spice, hot peppers, cumin spice and seeds and served yang rou chuar bbq lambsmoking off the grill. We used to gorge these down with some beer in the middle of winter. We were quite surprised when we saw this cart in the middle of Chinatown selling these traditionally northern snacks. This guy is from the most northern province of Harbin and these bbq skewers taste very authentic spicewise and everything. For only $1 a skewer it’s still a great price compared to $.25/each in China. He also sells beef, chicken and pork skewers. Now if they could only get some Jian Bing out here. In the mean time I’m happy to enjoy these snacks!

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