Lady M Cakes Upper East Side New York

"lady m cakes 41 east 78th st NY" "NY 10021"

Lady M Cakes Upper East Side New York

41 east 78th Street @ Madison
New York
212 452 2222

So taking a little break from the Hong Kong / China posts. Strolled over to Lady M Cakes on Saturday on the way to the Whitney. It was a grey and hazy cold day outside so what a better way to brighten our spirits than with a little cake and coffee? We ordered a slice of her famous crepe cake. This cake, featured in a TV episode of Sugar Rush ( Food TV), is made up of alternating layers of crepes and creme. It’s topped with a carmelized brulee’ which adds a nice crunch to the creamy layers of cake and crepe. They also have a coco version of this cake as well. A slice is priced at $7 and I really like it. It’s got a unique texture and it’s very delicious. "lady m cakes 41 east 78th st NY" "NY 10021" I was too full to try the fruit tart or the raspberry chocolate cake but they both looked very very good. I like the minimalist design of this cake shop – there’s no evidence of the kitchen as it’s hidden behind an unmarked door in the back. A single monolithic table slices down the center and a variety of cakes and pastries are on display. Patrons on one side of the table and Lady M workers slice and serve cakes from the other side. A tall glass sneeze gard is placed before the cakes but a small opening was thoughtfully made in order to slide a silver plated dish that is used to shuffle your bill and your money. So much a contrast from Chikalicious where the kitchen and the preparation are all part of the show. To be honest, Lady M reminds me of being in a museum cafe (The Whitney is only 3 blocks away). I was kind of annoyed that they didn’t let me take photos of the cakes while I was dining there – had to sneak a few in for the blog. This whole photo thing is getting out of hand I think – will food bloggers need to carry press passes around? Read Frank Bruni’s NY Times article about photography in restaurants. Seriously I think Lady M needs to cool it a little – eventhough it is located off of the main drag of Madison Ave, prime Upper East Side real estate, the last thing we cake lovers need is more elitist attitude. BTW you can always snap photos from the sidewalk through the large glass windows anyhow.

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