Kuhinya – Italian Pasta Grill Restaurant NY

Kuhinya - Italian Pasta Grill Restaurant NY

Kuhinya – Italian Pasta Grill Restaurant NY

4005 Broadway @ w168 street
212 781 3333
Take c/a train to 168th

Around the Columbia University Medical Center you’ll find a lot of new trendy stylish restaurants. Kuhinya is a relatively new (1.5 years) Italian Pasta and grill restaurant just across the street from the medical center. Kuhinya is a tight space with a few tables and 3 – 4 bar stools with a front row seat to the firing grills. It seemed like most of the patrons of Kuhinya are students and staff from the hospital. At Kuhinya, all the pasta dishes are made to order and you certainly have a large variety of pastas and sauces to choose from.

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Pastas include:
Penne (organic and whole wheat)
Pappardelle (homemade)
Fettucine (homemade)

Some of the featured sauces at Kuhinya include Tomato Basil, Pesto String Beans, Kuhinya Meat Sauce, Puttanesca, Salmon and Vodka, Grilled Chicken and Cream, and Spicy Calamari Sauce.

We ordered a plate of the Pappardelle with Kuhinya Meat Sauce $9.25:
Pappardelle with Kuhinya Meat Sauce

and a plate of Penne with Salmon and Vodka Sauce $12.75:
kuhinya italian grillThe plates were not entirely enormous but quite filling. (You can also order a variety of sides with your dish) The Pappardelle was fresh and cooked al dente with a nice rich tomato meat sauce. The sauce was a little on the salty side for my taste but was a great meal. The Penne with Salmon and vodka sauce was a definitely a hit. The whole wheat penne was delicious and also cooked al dente. The Salmon and vodka sauce was a cream base and included ample small chunks of delicious fresh grilled salmon.

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We also noticed a lot of patrons ordering the grilled specials such as Beef Flank steaks, Lamb Steaks, Burgers, and Red Snapper Filet. Would love to come back and check these grill specials again sometime.

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  • since i work at columbia, i eat at kuhinya at least 3-4 times per week and i usually bring a friend with me . i eat the same thing everyday that you can’t get anywhere. BUT NOW THEY JUST LOST MY BUSINESS FOREVER BECAUSE OF A POOR CHOICE THAT THEY MADE. the food is so good that we’ve sat in there during the 90 degree weather with no AC, are willing to spend the extra dollar or two when the new prices have gone up and have even traveled up to eat there on weekends. The service is excellent , the food is excellent and i’ve must have dropped $1,000 in that place since it first opened. Then we panicked when we heard it was planning to close but it never did. BUT, JUST AS BAD AS THAT IS NOW THEY STOPPED SERVING TRENNE. WHY BREAK IT IF IT’S NOT FIXED?? I AM ONE OF YOUR LOYALEST CUSTOMERS. PLEASE, PLEASE BRING THE TRENNE BACK!!!!!!!!!!

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