Krik Krak Creole Haitian Restaurant

krik krak haitian creole restaurant

Krik Krak Creole Haitian Restaurant

844 Amsterdam (at W101 st)
212 222 3100
1 / C Train to 103rd

First you say “krik” and if someone answers “krak” it means they’re are interested in your story says part owner Maud Damphile of the Krik Krak Haitian Restaurant Well Krik Krak, allow me to tell you about this cozy creole restaurant that just opened 3 months ago on the upper west side. Krik Krak features authentic Haitian dishes such as Griot, Bouillon Haitien, and fish, chicken and pork in special creole spiced sauces. We started off with Akra de Malanga ($2.50) 3 deep fried dumplings made of Malanga paste (a sweet and starchy potato variety).
akra de malanga
The dumplings were deep fried to a thick crunchy golden brown texture and served with a spicy dipping salsa. Next we ordered an entree’ of Poisson creole – deep friend red snapper ($13). I know – Chapter 2 of Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential says “absolutely do not order fish on a Monday”, but we were intrigued by the creole sauce decided to give it a shot. The fish turned out to be not an extremely fresh fish and maybe even previously deep fried and just heated and served. It wasn’t extremely crispy like other varieties of deep fried fish. Overall though, it was still very good and the sauces served on the side made for a great complement to dip the fish.
poisson creole
I ordered the Griot ($10) which are deep fried pieces of pork (a little like Mexican Carnitas) served along with a spicy lime salsa. Both entrees are served with a side salad, rice and beans, and fried plantains. Krik Krak also serves lunch specials for $6 that include a side of rice and beans.
Today we were unfortunate that they ran out of desert (normally arrives fresh on Tuesdays). I’m going to have to “krik krak” my friends to come back and check those out soon. Enjoy!

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  • Yum! That sounds good. I like the story behind the name–Thanks for asking one of the owners about that because it’s the first thing I asked myself when I first read the name.

  • hello i’m looking for job u don’t have any place available i’m haitian too iknow your like haitian please can look for a place availablei have my e-mail address on it whenever you have any place available call me to let me know at 954-581-2213

  • I just saw that place the other day and wondered about it. Cool. To know more about krik krak read the book by local Haitian writer Edwidge Dandicat. Great reading!

  • yeah the address is on the top of this post:

    Krik Krak Creole Haitian Restaurant
    844 Amsterdam (at W101 st)
    212 222 3100
    1 / C Train to 103rd

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