Kowloon – Shun Cheng 深井 Famous Roast Goose

roast goose, yu kee restaurant, kowloon, hong kong

Famous Roast Goose

Shun Cheng 深井, Kowloon

Duck Duck Goose….

Ok back to the Hong Kong / China posts. During the early 50s a restaurant in a small town named Shun Cheng located in the outskirts of Kowloon, started serving roast goose that was cooked using a special wood burning roasting method that kept the meat juicy and the skin crispy. The rest as they say is history. Today, the area has dozens of restaurants serving this famous roast goose in the town and people still drive 30 mins from Hong Kong Island to pickup a plate of the succulent delicious goose meat.
roast goose, yu kee restaurant, kowloon, hong kong
We checked out the Yue Kee Roast Goose Restaurant – it was off the beaten path on a windy alley off of the main highway. It looked pretty old school and hardcore and you could smell the aroma 20 meters away. We spoke with the waiter and he said although this wasn’t the original, it’s among the first to open – since 1958. We ordered a plate of the goose along with a bottle of local beer to wash it down. roast goose, yu kee restaurant, kowloon, hong kong If you’ve never had goose before, the best way to describe it is duck. The texture is is similar to Beijing Roast Duck with the crispy skin and juicy meat but the taste is much different. Goose has a little more gamey taste and is a little more fatty. The duck is served with a semi sweet and spicy sauce and was incredible. If it weren’t for the amount of calories in this bird, I’d have it pretty often. I guess it’s no surprise that people often drive here and pick up a goose before heading off to the airport.

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