KFC New Double Down Fried Chicken ‘Sandwich’ Midtown NY

KFC New Double Down Fried Chicken ‘Sandwich’ Midtown NY A Business Case Study

Who said America has lost its edge in innovation!? Introducing America’s latest fast food triumphant and over the top invention: a bacon cheese sandwich that replaces the conventional bread buns with two fresh crispy deep fried pieces of fried chicken from KFC! Yes only in America – where else?

Last Friday I went with an old friend of mine and checked out the KFC on 50th and 7th Ave in Midtown NY. It was just about noon and already the place was packed. I ordered the combo which includes the double down sandwich, a side order of crispy potato wedges and a large drink ($8.62 incl tax). The sandwich was a little greasy as expected, and long as you don’t think about the 1000’s of calories, saturated fats and cholesterol that are about to clog your arteries, I have to say it was very good! If it was allowed, it would be a good move for Pfizer for a Lipitor product placement at every KFC.

Ok, I know that a lot of you are thinking it’s irresponsible for America to introduce another unhealthy food item. I’ve seen Fast Food Nation. Yes, this is horrible and some drunk frat dudes will probably push the limits and pile these sandwiches on top of each other and call them quadruple downs. There will be food eating contests, and there will be a lot of ugly consequences.

A ‘Business’ Case Study
But despite all the shock value, I have to say it is a genius move by KFC from a business perspective. First of all, it’s got the shock value so food bloggers like me are going to write about it – guaranteed free press.

Secondly, the ingredients make up a recipe for success: Bacon, Fried Chicken and Cheese. Did I say mention BACON?

Next, operationally it is genius: KFC already makes fried chicken. It’s easy to put the double down together and you don’t need the extra cost of inventory, prep time, and expense for the bread buns. No need for mayo, mustard, speical sauces, etc.

From a marketing perspective the double down is also genius. The marketing segmentation is spot on. When I went last week, the entire KFC was dominated by men in their 20s and 30s. The name ‘double down’, speaks to those who like to gamble (with their lives). It’s a good use of KFC’s core brand values – KFC makes great fried chicken. (You probably wouldn’t go to Subway or Burger King for one of these). KFC can also extend to other segments of the population with a baked chicken version (‘healthy’ eaters). Remember the Atkins diet? No bread in the double down.

Finally, the double down builds KFC’s customer base by getting traffic into the door it gives KFC an opportunity to reintroduce their menu to people who haven’t been in a KFC in long time (like me). I spoke to the store manager and he says, since the promotion launched, his store sells over 2,000 sandwiches a day and actually sold out on the first two days. Nice move America! Enjoy!

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