Key Lime Pie – Blonde Giraffe Key West

key lime pie blonde giraffe key west Florida

Blonde Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory

1209 Truman Ave
Key West, FL

We went down to Key West last week and decided to sample the local specialty : Key Lime Pie. The Blonde Giraffe is supposedly the best award winning key lime pie around. There’s like 3 or 4 locations on the small island of Key West .

Blonde Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory sells pies by the whole or by the slice:
key lime pie - blonde giraffe key west florida

They also have a great new variety – Key Lime Pie on a stick dipped in chocolate:
key lime pie blonde giraffe key west
The important “key” to Key lime pie or any other citrus type pie is really the filling. Since limes and lemons are naturally sour, you need to find the right balance of sugar. Finally a crust that gives a soft crunch is needed to balance out the creamy filling and provide flavors on the savory side. The Blonde Giraffe key lime pie, in my opinion is a little too much on the sweet side for my taste.
key lime pie - blonde giraffe key west fl
The pie on the stick however was just perfect.
key lime pie on a stick
It’s also on a thick graham cracker crust which the original normal key lime pie is not. It’s not too sweet or sour and the chocolate gives it more of a rounded dessert taste. Hmmm why don’t they do this for other types of cakes or pies? That’s a great idea that I’ll have to look into.

For More Info On Key Lime Pies, Key Lime Pie on a Stick – Click Here to Visit the Blonde Giraffe

24 thoughts on “Key Lime Pie – Blonde Giraffe Key West”

  • I saw your key lime pie on a stick on food net work and I would really like to order a batch. So if i could get some info. on the pricing that would be great.

  • After watching the Food Network channel last night featuring Paula Dean’s sons my husband and I looked at each other wondering how to get some of those key lime pie cheesecake’s on a stick, so would you please e-mail me with the details on how to sample this!!!!


  • I want to order a key lime pie on a stick. I saw it on foodnetwork. Please email me and tell me how to order it.

    Ralph Cambeis

  • Here is the link on how to get the pie on a stick that was on food network. Its a place called the Blonde Giraffe. Although, i have never tried it, i would very much love to indulge my taste buds with this. I just cant see paying 169.00 to have it shipped to me. Maybe yall are closer to the actual store. let me know how it taste.

  • My friend just showed me your website and the pictures. I’m supposed to be on a diet but now there’s no way. I would like to blame u guys if thats ok. Key Lime Pie on a stick….sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  • Whatever you do, DO NOT order from the blond giraffe website. I’ve just had a very unpleasant experience with them. When my order was still “pending” after several days since I’d placed the order, I contacted them and they changed it to “processing”. After more than a week and the order hadn’t shipped I told them to cancel it at which time they responded very rudely and were unprofessional. You’re better off buying a plane ticket to fly down to Key West and buy their products in person. I was in Key West and their key lime pie was excellent but their customer service people are not. I should have purchased my goodies while I was down there.

  • I was just at the website. Too costly to order or justify the experience of eating key lime pie on a stick or otherwise. Why not make your own and dip it? That’s what I’m going to do.

  • I got married in Key West this past July and sampled the Key Lime Pie from the Blonde Giraffe. This was by far the best Key Lime Pie I have ever tasted. I’m not generally a Key Lime Pie lover, but this pie changed my opinion. It had the perfect balance of sweet and tangy. Also, the frozen pie on a stick dipped in chocolate is a refreshing and perfect treat on a hot Key West day. We intend to order some of this pie and have it delivered to our home for our first anniversary. Stop at the Blonde Giraffe when you visit Key West. You won’t be sorry!!

  • I tasted Key Lime Pie on a Stick (several times!) while I was in the Keys a couple of years ago. I fell in love! Unfortunately, I, too, cannot justify the cost of having it shipped to me!

  • Remember that although the pie on a stick is really yummy, it can cost nearly $150 to ship. That is in addition to the price of the pies.

  • may 19,2008 11;oo am . my boyfriend an i were in keywest just siteseeing ,we went to the southern most point an walked all day till we came around the corner and -baaaaaaam the blonde griaffe keylime pie factory was there. curt said u got to try this pie on a stick. it was greeeeeeeeat . thank you never had anything like it.we;ll be i cant make it like you do,but close.

  • Ask me for pie on a stick and I’ll tell you where you can stick-it. Not for me, that’s just stuff for kids. When it comes to key lime pie though, no way will you ever do better than the ones that come from Kutchie’s Key West “Kutcharitaville Cafe”. That’s not just my opinion, just ask anyone living anywhere near Key West.

    Lance Monitor

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