Katrina Hurricane Links

Katrina Hurricane Links

Not really a plate of the day story but here’s some topics I’ve been reading about Katrina.

How Bush Blew it

FEMA points Katrina aid $ to Pat “kill Hugo Chavez!” Robertson
BB reader Bill Scannell says,
FEMA is directing Katrina donations to none other than the Rev. Pat Robertson. FEMA has released to the media and on its Web site a list of suggested charities to help the storm’s hundreds of thousands of victims. The Red Cross is first on the list. The Rev. Pat Robertson’s “Operation Blessing” is next on the list.

Katrina Help Wiki Page

Uncensored audio of NOLA mayor interview
Uncensored version of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin’s interview with WWL AM in New Orleans. CNN is airing “bleeped” portions, this site hosts the interview in entirety. Link, mirror. (Thanks, Debi Jones, Joseph Poon, witold, and many others)

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  • I’ve been wondering just who was behind “Operation Blessing” and haven’t bothered to look, thanks for checking and posting about who is behind it. After the half a billion dollars of donations for 9.11 victims disappeared from Red Cross coffers, I am not giving them money either.

    I am asking people who visit my site to give to Second Harvest. They are also one of the very few charities on the government’s list that isn’t associated with a specific church and I really can’t bear the idea of giving desperately needed money to people who might have a secondary agenda–and while not all of the groups make you pray to their deity before they feed you, some do, and I have no time to sort out which is which. So Second Harvest it is.

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