Just Spotted ! Rickshaw dumpling food truck Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Rickshaw dumpling food truck Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

rickshaw dumpling truck williamsburg brooklyn ny

Location: N4th and Bedford 2 blocks south of the Endless Summer Taco Truck
Fridays till 2AM
or check locations on Twitter

Well, I guess I spoke too soon last week when I complained there aren’t enough food trucks on Bedford. Just tonith I noticed the shiny new red Rickshaw Dumpling truck. It’s parked a few blocks south of the hipster Endless Summer taco truck and 4-5 blocks north of the new Mexican food cart on Metropolitan. Folks, forget gentrification, how about Bedford Ave the new parking lot for food vendors?

Well if you haven’t tried Rickshaw Dumpling, it’s looking like this one is an authentic foodie vendor. Ok, I’m on day 13 of my Spring Liver Cleanse diet so unfortunately I wasn’t able to sample any first hand but you know from my past posts that I love dumplings or jiaozi 饺子 so no worries, I’m gonna try these out and let you know how they are.

In the meantime, I checked out the Rickshawdumplings.com website and the bios are pretty impressive. One of the cofounders beat out Iron Chef Batali with secret ingredient mushrooms (too bad she didn’t demolish pretty boy Bobby Flay. That would have been awesome to watch). BTW the mission statement on the 1st page of their website needs to go – it’s just too cheesy for my taste. “We believe that everyone has nice dumplings”?! LOOK LOOK ASIAN ?

On the menu are a variety of types of dumplings: pork and chives, chicken lemongrass, Hudson valley duck, wasabi shrimp, vegan, sichuan chicken, and for dessert black sesame mochi wrapper stuffed with callebaut chocolate. Yum! These sound pretty good and I’ll have to give it a try soon. See you on food truck lane in Williamsburg!

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